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Posted by balik on 2004.11.26 at 20:43
Thanksgiving is over without having you around. Last night after i talked to you online, i got invited to a thanksgiving dinner by Marios`s flatmate who had an american friend. Since the american girl didnt have a place on campus, she wanted to have the dinner on their kitchen. Marios was being such a weirdo as usual. He stayed in his room until his best greek friend came over, and didnt talk at all, and kept saying that he just didnt go to sleep last night. I tired to cheer him up but he just kept critizing me for making fun of him in puvlic and annoying the hell out of me. Well ,it definitely didnt feel like thanksgiving, but i was so happy that i got to listen to someone with an american accent again even though the girl was just a typical american. (i know it is not good to generalize).

Today, i had a four hour practice test in operational research and its contents class. I think i did ok for a practice test who is not even going to be graded. The teacher just told us to take it seriously so that we can get ready for the actual test. We didnt learn anything in this class but just worked on two random case studies on which we had group presentations, In the test we dont know what to expect, it is again gonna be a random case study with no right answer, and we are expected to find a logical way to analyze the problem and find the best option. My head still hurts because of thinking.

So, today i got annoyed with Marios again, and decided not to pay attention to him until he realizes that he is stupid. He is a typical Cypriot guy who thinks that he is cool, and everything he makes is perfect, and it is only the people around him who does wrong not him at all. I am good at making him aplogize but i cant stand his stupid comments sometimes. I am being harsh on him now, just because i am maybe mad, but i am tired of going through the same phases with him over and over again. If we were dating, we would have broken up long time ago, and i wouldnt date him anyway.

Mehmet nasil post yapabilirim resim?


praying to be in a generous mode
thislittleboy at 2004-11-26 22:25 (UTC) (Link)

simge oncelikle bu entry'i friends only yapmadigindan tekrardan tebrik ediyorum. marios bulup okursa cok etkilenecek, aferin.

ikinci olarak, resimler icin resimlerini resize yaptip hazirladiktan sonra tinypic.com 'a git, orada resmi attach yapip upload yapan, sana url'ini verirler altta.. < img src diye baslayan bir tane var, ikincidir sanirim, onu copy and paste yap entry'e ve preview yap entryni bakayim oldu mu..

i hope that works.
praying to be in a generous mode
thislittleboy at 2004-11-26 22:26 (UTC) (Link)

and we definitely missed you at thanksgiving this year.
mudpies at 2004-11-27 19:24 (UTC) (Link)
typical cypriot guys are usually insecure, this one is an exception i think..

don't judge people..you dont have to know all about them.

ps: i am also glad that you finally got the or notes! i hope they'll help.
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